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About us

We are Eyecandy Decals.

I am the owner Rob Langs.

We are located in Simpsonville, South Carolina. 

We started making decals for our own stores, which we had inside different malls in South Carolina back in 2005. One day, a sales rep/friend that was going through new products for my store with me saw how many people were loving our decals and he suggested that I let his organization represent me in selling wholesale to other stores, etc. Soon enough, we were wholesalers with our products all around the world. 

We are proud and excited to have had our decals in places as big as NASA, Disney World, Universal Studios, etc; but even more proud to have them in hundreds of "mom and pop" stores all around the USA and Canada.

You won't find our decals for sale inside your local Walmart stores, only low quality attempts at duplicating our work. We have done signage work for lots of Walmart stores, but I vow to never let them destroy all my hard work or my teams hard work.

I have had the best people in the world as employees/co-workers turned lifelong friends and, of course, family helping to create our products from brainstorming all the way to placing the decals on the shelves with me.

Now-a-days, I mostly enjoy selling my designs online to the actual people who will get joy from the decals or from gifting the decals. I just love making real people happy.

We still wholesale to many stores around the world. We are not actively looking for new wholesale customers, but are still accepting new wholesale accounts that would like to do business with us. Someday, we may do the shows again, as my daughter really wants me to. She will most likely take over my position in the future.

To sum up my "About Us" page for the new (2016 Eyecandy Decals website), I promise the following:

We will serve all of our friends and customers as quickly as possible with the best quality possible and, even though you can't see it, with smiles on our faces. 

Enjoy our site and please contact us with any questions and/or suggestions for an improved experience.

One special word to the thousands of other artists/decal makers out there; Improving on what already exists is the way of life, but do not steal and duplicate my years of copyrighted hard work.


Rob Langs
Eyecandy Decals